Kevin S. Wilson,
Chief Executive Officer and President

Robert B. Grieve, Ph.D.,
Executive Chair

Jason A. Napolitano,
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary

Michael J. McGinley, Ph.D.,
President, Biologicals and Pharmaceuticals

Steven M. Eyl,
Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations

Nancy Wisnewski, Ph.D.,
Executive Vice President, Product Development and Customer Service

Steven M. Asakowicz,
Executive Vice President, Companion Animal Health Sales

Rodney A. Lippincott,
Executive Vice President, Companion Animal Health Sales

Laurie E. Peterson,
Vice President, Technical Operations and General Manager, Heska Des Moines*

Daniel J. Pollack,
Treasurer and Assistant Secretary*

*Non-Section 16 board-elected officer. All other officers identified above are executive officers of Heska under Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.