Pay Less. Get More. No Tricks.
Heska understands the challenges facing veterinarians today, including long hours, rising costs and worries about profitability and retirement. We believe you shouldn’t be overpaying for in-clinic testing, that you should be able to reinvest your hard earned money back into your practice, and that you should have a partner to support you in YOUR success. That’s why we created “Reset”…a program that provides accurate, better and faster blood testing at 40% less cost than with other competitive in-house lab solutions. REAL customers are experiencing REAL savings, using equipment they love with results they can trust.

You MUST have ALL FOUR components to succeed. No tricks. No rebates. No calculations.
Just simple and fair.


Free Analyzer
Free Warranty
Lowest Test Pricing
Price Protection
Photo of Heska AnalyzersFree Analyzer
Don't pay $15,000+ to buy an analyzer when we'll let you use one for FREE.
Free Warranty
It's simple. We'll cover you for the full term of the program, at no cost.
Lowest Test Pricing
Pay 40% less than for similar competitive products.

>> $12.75 Pre-Surgical Panel
>> $19.75 Comprehensive Panel
>> $13.00 Element POC Test Card
>> $4.00 Electrolytes
>> $2.75 Individual
Price Protection
Be protected against "teaser" rates, tricks and inflation risk with a guarantee that test prices will rise no more than 4% each year.
Real customers. Real savings.
Based on 2013/2014 Reset Customer Testing Levels*
IDEXX Catalyst Dx® IDEXX VetTest® Abaxis VetScan™
Testing Level 5-Year Savings 10-Year Savings 5-Year Savings 10-Year Savings 5-Year Savings 10-Year Savings
LOW $17,378 $37,650 $18,256 $42,690 $15,776 $34,369
NORMAL $25,668 $56,025 $27,986 $65,946 $23,933 $52,450
HIGH $66,650 $146,868 $76,989 $183,289 $62,943 $138,921
Data: LOW: Average panels run per day are 0.5 comprehensive panels plus electrolytes, and 0.6 pre-surgical panels. MEDIUM: Average panels run per day are 0.8 comprehensive panels plus electrolytes, and 1.1 pre-surgical panels. HIGH: Average panels run per day are 2.8 comprehensive panels plus electrolytes, and 2.5 pre-surgical panels. Testing level averages based on 26 working days per month. Assumes 4% price increase each year for Catalyst Dx and VetScan; 5% price increase each year for VetTest. Assumes regular warranty and maintenance charges. Does not include any cost for Analyzer purchase.
Image of Nathan Steffanoff, DVM
"Heska analyzers save us 45% over our former lab, and the accuracy and speed are superior. We grew tired of paying too much for in-house testing. Thanks to Heska's fair 'reset' pricing we can do more to invest in our family, our staff and associate veterinarians."

Nathan Stefanoff, DVM
Copper View Animal Hospital
Riverton, UT

Estimated Savings: $80,640
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