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Digital Radiography

Cottonwood Veterinary Clincic Logo"We have had our Cuattro HD system for 6 months. The software is very easy to use and we are very happy with the image quality. I was most concerned about having my images stored in the cloud. However this has turned out to be very convenient for emailing films to specialists."

Tiffany Heaven
Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic
Cheyenne, WY

Image of Cuattro HD Unit being used"We recently installed the Cuattro HD unit with a Sedecal table in our newly constructed hospital. Our technical staff love the ease of using the unit, and our veterinarians still can't believe the quality of images, as well as the simplicity of manipulating the images. The few questions we have had have been answered in a timely and professional manner by the Heska support staff. This is what high definition, digital radiology should be like; a great product that is simple to use, with no nickel and dime fees for support, storage, or updates. I highly recommend this product."

Peter G. Pelissier, DVM
Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
Sheridan, WY

Photo of Daniel Buller"Installing Cuattro has been one the best things I have ever done for my patients! Prior to Cuattro we had a digital CR system that made life worse – due to the number of retakes we needed to try to get a ‘decent’ image we usually sedated the patient which always has risk and exposed them to a lot of extra radiation for often times a non-diagnostic image! Now with the Cuatrro DR system we can have our images finished in minutes without sedation and without the need for retakes. Our telemedicine service has actually been giving us answers not “could be’s”. Even the referral clinic we used said our images were better than theirs."

Daniel Buller, DVM
Bethalto Animal Clinic PC
Bethalto, IL

Photo of Lewiston Veterinary Clinic"Our clinic purchased the Cuattro DR to replace a CR system that became obsolete in only 5 years from purchase. We wanted a high quality system that would be around for many years in the future, and we feel that has been achieved and more with the Cuattro DR. The radiographs are outstanding, with details never seen before, even with CR. Our Cuattro Digital Imaging specialist Katy Dixon, is excellent, and technical support has been able to help us with any issues that have occurred. In summary, our clinic wanted a system with long service life, high quality images, ease of use, excellent technical support, and the ability to integrate into our current practice software-we feel this has been accomplished."

Brett Flathers
Lewiston Veterinary Clinic
Lewiston, MN

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Hart"Our hospital transitioned from film to digital radiography after extensive research of the product choices available. We chose Cuattro for several reasons. First, the quality of the images is superior to the other products we reviewed. Second, we prefer the convenience of a cloud based system. Upgrades are performed without us and automatically. Images are available to view anywhere; cell phones, iPads, home office, specialty centers, client's home. Customer service is available remotely. Third, images are obtained easily and the Cuattro system has the flexibility to add the studies we prefer to use in our office."

Dr. Jennifer Hart
Heartland Animal Hospital
Bartlett, IL

All Creatures Animal Hospital logo"The ease of use and clarity of pictures are exceptional. Not only can I see the corn kernels in the colon, but I can tell if it's yellow or white corn."

Tom Terbeck, DVM
All Creatures Animal Hospital
Eagle Point, OR


Dunwoody Veterinary clinic employees"We couldn't be happier in our image quality and overall performance of the Cuattro system. We would recommend Heska and Cuattro to anyone considering digital x-ray."

Dr. Tim Roberts
Dunwoody Veterinary Center
Dunwoody, GA

Dr. Jeff Pinkerston, DVM"We have had our Cuattro HD system for 6 months. The software is very easy to use and we are very happy with the image quality. I was most concerned about having my images stored in the cloud. However this has turned out to be very convenient for emailing films to specialists."

Dr. Jeff Pinkston, DVM
Swartz Creek Veterinary Hospital


Dr. Robert Cartin, DVM"In December, 2012, we upgraded our Imaging Center to include a new Cuattro Digital Radiology System. We had our previous Digital Radiology system for six years. After the first month of use, our staff of thirteen doctors and twelve veterinary nurses couldn’t be happier with the Cuattro System.

When we first acquired our new system, I asked my doctors for their thoughts on our new system. Dr. Stefanie Owczarczak noted, “The new digital radiology has allowed me to visualize the finer details of my radiographs. I can't believe the difference when I look at older radiographs. It has been a great asset to our practice and allows us to practice at a higher level of medicine.”

It has not only been the doctors singing the praises of our Cuattro system. Rosie Bosler, RVT, our Director of Nursing says, “the Cuattro system is very user friendly and the quality of the films are just beautiful, clean and crisp, no grainy resolutions. Emailing and making CD's for clients is done very quickly and efficiently. We are lucky to be working with such high quality, state of the art equipment”.

As the owner of our practice, I compared a number of digital radiology systems. Along with the high quality of the images and ease of use, I found the Cuattro System to be the best value for the money. As promised, the planning and installation also took place seamlessly, with very minimal down time. We were also easily able to transfer images, from our old system, to the Cloud.

After three years of use, our problems have been minimal and the Cuattro service team have always been incredibly responsive.

I would recommend Cuattro to any practice seeking the highest quality in digital radiology."

Robert K. Cartin, DVM
Mission Animal and Bird Hospital
Oceanside, CA


Dr. R. Reed Stevens, DVM"I researched digital radiography options extensively for 9 months. During that time, I attended trade shows, reviewed the "Showdown" results, read books on the subject, heard many presentations from vendors and travelled to see various in-clinic installations of their systems. I then reached a state of analysis paralysis. I knew what I needed, but could not find it. Then, at a recent WVC meeting, a colleague introduced me to a couple of representatives from Cuattro. Their presentation was straightforward and clear, as was their deal. I concluded that, unlike any of the other systems I researched, the Cuattro solution addressed all of my priorities and requirements. Some of the top Cuattro features instrumental in my decision are:
  • Ease of use - especially the single screen acquisition and viewing station
  • Rapid image delivery to screen - helps the techs improve positioning skills for better images
  • Space utilization - it saves so much space that I am adding a dedicated dental bay
  • Neatness and simplicity - minimal cables and an efficient single screen workflow has cleaned up the rad room
  • Ease of export - storing in the cloud - lowers my IT costs and gives me a sense of security
  • iPad presentation of rads - showing clients their images in the exam room is quick, easy and impressive
  • Image quality - radiologist report that our images are excellent and easy to access
  • Cost - with all maintenance and storage included for the first five years, it is not only the best system, but also the best deal."


"During the process of acquiring our new CloudDR system, I had the opportunity to look at a new ultrasound system as well. I was presented with an opportunity to upgrade my Esaote MyLab 40 to the new Esaote Class C three probe state-of-the-art ultrasound. My first thought was that this university level machine was too much for my practice. However, after using it side-by-side with my 40, the beauty of the Class C became apparent. Not only has the intuitive interface accelerated the learning curve of my associates, but for the first time, we could see anatomy that the textbooks and CE lectures say we should be seeing. It makes discerning normal from abnormal much easier, which gives the whole team greater confidence in recommending ultrasounds in-house. We have nearly doubled our study counts since installing the Class C."

"The issue with any vendor is not if there will be problems and questions regarding financing, set-up, install, training and follow-up. The issue is how responsive and knowledgeable is the team that is handling them. We went through a fairly intensive instillation process for the CloudDR and Esaote Class C systems. As to be expected, there were issues and questions, but the Cuattro team stood by their word and got the job done right. I could not be happier.

Thank you Cuattro!"

Dr. R. Reed Stevens, DVM, Hospital Director
Ellicott Small Animal Hospital


Cuattro Logo"In a busy ultrasound practice, I need reliability, top image quality, and ease of portability. The My Lab Alpha gives me all this and more. I tested numerous other systems and found MyLab Alpha to be the best."

Dr. Jeffery House
Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound, Inc.
Earlysville, VA

Cloud DR/Esaote MyLab30

Dr. Mike Creel, DVM"CloudDR has superior image quality to the IDEXX CR I have used for several years… Cuattro's support is always available, and the Cloud storage is easy and effective. Cuattro's equipment is very impressive and so is their help and support, before and after the sale (when most others disappear). Having been in practice for 38 years (currently as a one-man mixed practice), and currently owning Idexx Lab, Abaxis Lab, (1) CR, (1) Dental DR, (1) Portable, (2) ultrasounds, and now a Cuattro CloudDR, I choose Cuattro CloudDR and Cuattro support!

Several months ago, I also purchased a new Esaote MyLab 30 from Cuattro (along with a Cuattro CloudDR). This the 5th ultrasound I have purchased and it is the smallest. The instrument that I traded was very good and only about two years old. However the MyLab 30 detail and image quality are so much better than any of the four ultrasounds I have owned in the past."

Dr. Mike Creel, DVM
Red Barn Animal Hospital

Michael Certa, DVM"The collaboration between Heska and Cuattro has easily allowed us to offer the high quality in house diagnostics our pets and clients deserve - a package every veterinary team will benefit from."

Michael Certa, DVM
Coastal Animal Clinic
Largo, FL


Dr. Art Spencer, DVM"Cuattro is everything they advertise. The image quality is phenomenal, the software is extremely easy to use and the company is always available when questions arise. I am very happy with my decision!"

Dr. Art Spencer, DVM
Scott Valley Veterinary Clinic


Zion Veterinary Clinic logo"Detail is amazing! We had a quality digital unit previously, but Cuattro is by far superior. I'd never been able to see the individual parts of a microchip. That's how good the Cuattro system has been."

Casey Wittwer, DVM
Zion Vet
Hurricane, UT
Zach Badura, DVM"From image quality to customer support, Cuattro is the real deal in digital radiography! Having shopped around the digital radiography market for more than 4 months, I couldn't be happier with our decision to purchase a Cuattro DR system. The tablet is user friendly and the entire system is ultra-portable. The touch screen interface, in conjunction with the tablet presents that "Wow-factor" to clients. Overall, you will not find a better product or a better company in the digital radiography market than Cuattro."

Zach Badura, DVM
Badura Equine
Holly, CO

Cuattro Logo "First and foremost are the great images. The wireless plate is wonderful and, combined with the wireless generator, completely eliminates line voltage issues, not to mention the increased safety and efficiency working around the horse. Horse positioning is no longer dictated by cord length. The user interface is sure to become an industry standard. Easy and intuitive, it allows personalized workflow with simple on-the-fly modification and even retroactive changes. The ability to access all studies from any internet device makes client communication and/or colleague collaboration a snap. Cuattro technical support has also been tremendous. This unit would be an asset to any practice as an initial system, or, in my case, a welcome upgrade."

Gregory A Fowler, DVM
Citra FL,

Horseshoe Valley Equine Center logo"We are very pleased with our Uno Slate 3 Digital X-ray system. Our favorite advantage of the system is how user friendly it is. The wireless plate makes it much easier to work around those tough horses. We also like the quality of the images displayed on the large hi-res screen and the simplicity of sending those images to our clients. This machine is very well built and is an excellent choice for our equine veterinary clinic. Thank you Cuattro."

Renee D. Nodine, VMD
Horseshoe Valley Equine Center
Klaus Weigand, DVM"The Uno has surpassed my expectations. It is efficient, fast, reliable, and delivers the best image quality. I evaluated many systems before I chose Uno, and I am glad I made the investment. The Uno Digital Radiography has met all of my needs in actual, everyday clinical use in front of my most important clients... without a hitch."

Klaus Weigand, DVM


Peter Faehrmann, DVM"Every day, every time, Uno shows the best images and total exam speed, in a reliable, easy to use design. While so many others offered the "cheapest" price for cheaper DR systems, I thankfully avoided that trap and chose Cuattro's Uno Digital Radiography. I have had no regrets and can recommend it without reserve."

Peter Faehrmann, DVM
Sydney Wide Equine Service
Sydney, Australia

Burloak Animal Hospital"We looked at many digital radiography solutions. The Cuattro system produced some of the best DR images we saw, at any price. Imagine our surprise when we realized it was also the most affordable. DR has lived up to our expectations. Cuattro CloudDR has exceeded them. The images we are getting are amazing. This system surpasses film in every measurable way. Our staff and patients love the speed, flexibility and convenience of our CloudDR solution. Thank you Cuattro!"

Burloak Animal Hospital

Beryl Williams"We thoroughly researched all the digital x-ray generators on the market and it became obvious that the only machine that met our criteria was the Uno Eq - we have not been disappointed! It is at the core of our business model and all the vets and equine professionals for whom we have done work have been extremely impressed with the speed and clarity of the images. Thank you Cuattro, you have delivered everything, and more, that you promised."

Beryl Williams
Director - Equiray Ltd.
South Wales

Marco Antonio Ourique Carlos"Este e o melhor RX digital do mercado."

(This is the best digital radiography on the market.)

Marco Antonio Ourique Carlos
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Cuattro Logo - No image available"It's been two months now that I have been using the Slate. It is amazing. Not only does it take great X-rays but it was really easy to learn how to use, and it even talks to you. Your support at Cuattro has been fantastic. When asked the other day by a client, I had to say that 'I love this machine, in fact I love it so much if it was a girl I'd marry it.' We had a good laugh. I have to say that I have been looking for a digital x-ray machine for a number of years now and there was always something that I didn't like or feel comfortable with, until I saw the Slate. I knew right away that it was the one. The price is reasonable, it takes excellent pictures, it's easy to use, and it's a really cool design. I am glad I waited."

"Thanks Cuattro!"

John Atack DVM
Bellevue Equine Clinic
Woodlawn, Ontario

Paulo Celso Pires da Silva"Espetacular equipamentos com resolução de imagem de excelente qualidade, também é muito prático. Ele melhorou meu trabalho muito e tenho aumentado a raios X tomadas por 50%. Estou muito feliz."

(Spectacular equipment with excellent image resolution and quality, also it is very practical. It has improved my work tremendously and I have increased the x-rays I take by 50%. I am very happy.)

Paulo Celso Pires da Silva
Areal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ann Kent, DVM"We are extremely pleased with our Uno Slate DR system. It has transformed the quality of our images to a new level, and made the task of obtaining the radiographs much easier. This has impressed both staff and clients. Our only regret is that we did not change sooner!"

Ann Kent, DVM
Westover Veterinary Centre
Hainford, Great Britain


Kim L. Ward, DVM"We had approached and retreated from the digital radiography decision for a decade. The systems all seemed to be poor cousins to the human side; with difficult controls and variable image quality. We started to get serious last year and did some visiting of other veterinary installations. This included local clinics, and five others in Ontario. The Cuattro system stood out immediately. Image quality is superior, controls are falling-off-a-log easy, and I saw nothing but smiles on the faces of owners. We received the system in February, and I don't know how we lived without it in the B.C.E. (Before Cuattro Era). Speed of exposure, image organization, and retrieval from the remote cloud is faster than I can walk from my office to the radiology room. We would do it again."

Kim L. Ward, DVM
Martensville Veterinary Hospital
Saskatchewan, Canada

Cuattro Logo - No Image Available"I'm really glad you are out there! I can't imagine trying to do this with the 'usual' support. Your support team is fantastic!

Thank you Cuattro"

Clover Valley Hospital
Langley BC


Dr. Marc Marin"The detail and clarity of the images produced by our Cuattro CloudDR is most impressive. Radiology is now a whole new diagnostic tool in our practice. CloudDR and the whole team have far exceeded our expectations and have allowed us to provide a much higher standard of care to our patients."

Dr. Marc Marin
Chelmsford Animal Hospital
Chelmsford, Ontario

Cuattro Logo - No Image Available"The installation of our Uno Slate 3 wireless portable digital radiography system went very well. We used it in the field the very next morning for a foot series on a mare. We certainly appreciated the simplicity of not having to attach cables, and thus not being tethered to the Slate system. What a refreshing experience of not needing to move the horse closer to the unit than we are comfortable with because of a cable. The images are excellent and the software interface is so intuitive. Sending the images to the cloud is just as easy as you said it would be. We have been very impressed with the system and the Cuattro people we have dealt with along the way."

Arthur Rotenberg, DVM
Ontario Canada