MyLab 40 Digital Ultrasound - Esaote Veterinary
Esaote MyLab 40 digital ultrasound

The MyLab™40 VET is a compact console ultrasound system designed to be the ideal solution for the modern small or mixed animal veterinary clinic. Developed on the acclaimed MyLab™platform, the MyLab™40 VET’s license based modular architecture can be configured to meet the individual needs of its users in various applications.
Esaote MyLab 40 digital ultrasound

MyLab™40 VET: Full-Range Of Applications
Based on the MyLab™ World modular architecture, the MyLab™40 VET offers a wide range of application packages and can be personalized to every user’s specific needs. The Cardiology, Vascular and General Imaging modules are standard with the system, while the MyLab™40 VET can be further configured to include modules for Reproductive and Contrast Imaging among others. Specific Cardiology features are also available, such as Compass M-Mode and real-time Tissue Velocity Mapping.

The latest image management solution from Esaote, MyLab™Desk, is an ideal solution for private offices, increasing their workflow and productivity.
MyLab™Desk uses the MyLab™40 VET's user interface on a standard PC, allowing comfortable reviewing and processing with all the features of the PC. It offers the modern veterinary ultrasound professional a flexible way to connect their MyLab™40 VET to their PC, easily.

Innovative USB/DVD Solutions
The MyLab™40 VET integrates modern USB and CD/DVD image and data management capabilities. Images can be saved in various formats (BMP, JPEG, clips), and when selecting the final storage destination, the operator can easily chose from the integrated hard disk, DVD/CD burner, personal USB memory drive and/or network storage. Additionally, several types of USB and PC printers can be used, with or without the MyLab™40 VET's wireless technology options.

Comprehensive Choice Of Probes
The MyLab™40 VET is engineered specifically to meet the needs of the modern veterinarian. Every system has three probe connectors to be used with various high-density phased array, convex and linear transducers (up to 18MHz), including an endorectal linear probe.
It is also possible to configure the MyLab™40 VET to use Esaote-Pie Medical’s CnTI™ (Contrast Tuned Imaging) module and CnTI™-compatible probes.
Esaote MyLab 40 digital ultrasound

  • All Inclusive Platform
  • Extensive Dedicated Veterinary Software: Vet Patient ID, Vet Body Marks, Vet Measurements And Calculations
  • Application-Dedicated Probes With eXtended Multi-Frequency Broadband Capability
  • Specific Cardiogy Features Are Also Available, Such As Compass M-Mode And Real-Time Tissue Velocity Mapping
  • It Is Possible To Configure The MyLab™40 VET To Use Esaote-Pie Medical’s CnTI™ (Contrast Tune Imaging) Module And CnTI™-Compatible Probes
  • Integrated DVD/CD Writer And 2 USB Ports For Transferring Clinical Data
  • DICOM Compliance, Including Dedicated Veterinary Attributes
  • MyLab™Desk3
  • Privacy HIPAA
  • One Touch Workflow
  • 19" High-Performance LCD
  • Modular Architecture
  • VPan-eXtended Field Of View