Slate 3 Plus Wireless

Introducing the new Slate 3+ A fresh look on a traditional idea.

Slate 3+ delivers the world’s best images in 4.9 seconds from our exclusive 10x12” Wireless Cesium-I 16 bit Detector. And because it sports the industry's only multi-touch and FDA cleared software of its kind, you can pinch, zoom, swipe and smile your way through each stunning Slate 3+ image. And of course, like all Cuattro products, Slate 3+ natively links to DICOM servers of all types and to CloudBank™, for hassle-free archival, viewing, and sharing of images anywhere, anytime, and on any connected PC, Mac, tablet, iPad™ or smartphone.
Ultra-portable, fully integrated design…

The Slate 3+ interface module can be removed for client consults, DICOM uploads and image manipulation.
Close up image of the Slate 3+ interface
Slate 3+ secures the imaging detector (along with extra batteries and accessories) safely in the center of the alloy reinforced case, to protect your investment from the elements. Slate 3+ is the industry’s smallest and lightest form factor that conveniently provides for three carrying options (balanced handle, shoulder strap, and backpack straps).
  • 10x12” Wireless Cesium-I Detector (30-50% superior penetration-resolution to Gad-Ox)
  • Movable glove-sized handle from portrait to landscape to none
  • 1.9 cm Super-thin Detector Edge to Active Image for superior foot and difficult to get views
  • 20% lighter (15.4kg) than Uno Slate 2
  • 600-800 Exposures per Charge per Battery
  • Two Batteries included
  • 4.9 Second Images (16 Bit 65,000+ Raw Gray Scale Native)
  • 50% larger viewing (Portrait) area (20” diag. equiv.) than others
  • ACR Primary Diagnostic Direct Sunlight Multi-touch Display
  • (1500cd/m2 Bright/700:1 Contrast)
  • FDA Cleared MultiTouch Software
  • Wi-fi and 10/100/1000 Ethernet (on-board) Connectivity
  • Transparent Collimation with Automatic Image Re-Optimize
  • Solid State SSD Memory with 5000+ onboard study store
  • DICOM .90/.91, MWL/MPPS, Print, and Repository Standards
  • Transparent Collimation with Automatic Image Re-Optimize
  • DICOM 3.0 WG25 Veterinary/ Repository Compliant
Slate 3+ carrying case
  • Only 17 pounds, including two batteries
  • Wireless 10x12” Cesium Iodine Flat Panel Detector
  • eSeriesTM Protocols
  • 16 bit Multi-frequency Tuning
  • Automated database management
  • 4.9 Second Image Display
  • 1.9cm Detector Edge to Active Image Area
  • 600-800 Exposures per Charge per Battery
  • Integrated on-screen Detector Status Display
  • Worldwide Multi-Language Support
  • Auto-technique based on View and Anatomy
  • Primary Diagnosis, Multi-Touch Screen Interface
  • Multi-touch Zoom, Pan, Window/Level, Rotate, Flip...
  • Large Format Portrait Image Review Area (20” Equiv.)
  • Auto Adaptive LUT for perfect exposure
  • Transparent Collimation with Automatic Image Re-Optimize
  • DICOM 3.0 WG25 Veterinary/ Repository Compliant
  • eFilm Lite Media Viewer and CloudBankTM PACS One-Touch Store
  • One-Touch SupportCloudTM Online Diagnostics and 24/7 Support
  • DICOM MWL/MPPS, Print, Multi-PACS Export, CD/DVD/Media, and more
  • Vario 2013 Multi-Touch Software: .Net/C# Language, VS2010 Environment
  • SSD Solid State Memory (280/MB/sec) 5,000+ Study Storage Capacity
  • WiFi, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Cellular 3G/4G (user supply), USB2 Connectivity
  • Intel Core2 Duo @ 2.26MHz/1066MHz FSB/L2Cache 3Mb/4GB/1066MHz RAM
  • DICOM, .91, .90, Raw, JPEG, TIFF export to PACS, Cloud, USB, DVD, CD