Cuattro Uno Portable Digital Radiography for Equine Practice

Cuattro Uno

Digital Radiography

Packing more power than x-ray devices many times its size.

  • Three Simple Steps

    Capture images, remove tablet, then review.

  • Completely Portable

    Handheld and wireless DR capable of 500 exposures between charges.

  • Customized Smart Case

    Charge between exams and power on within 20 seconds.

  • Automatic Settings

    Complete exams in record time with auto settings for each anatomy-view pair.

  • Complete Exams in Record Time

    Obtain images in just 3 seconds from exposure with InstaView Technology.

  • Short Intervals Between Projections

    With RapidShotX technology, take projections in as quickly as 6 seconds.

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The Fastest All-In-One Imager the Industry Has Ever Seen

Everything At Your Fingertips

Images are easy to see, label and optimize during exams...not after.


Only 16 lbs for ease of field transport.

Removable Full HD Image Acquisition

Review clinical images with clients, patient side.

10 Finger Multi-Touch Interface

Have complete control over image manipulation with the sensitive color touchscreen.

Make Adjustments Immediately

Image adjustments and series order changes are made with just a touch.

Flexible to Your Workflow

Operates stand-alone with any generator.

After looking at a couple of the technologies on the market, I was presented with the Uno, and from the beginning I was blown away. After 2 years now, I’ve definitely been overly impressed.

Dr.FIndley Delta Equine
Dr. Troy Findley
Delta Equine

Technical Details & Downloads

Cuattro Uno Digital Radiography… The One and Only.

The 16 pound, all wireless Cuattro Uno packs more power and technology than popular x-ray-only devices many times its size.

Cuattro Uno is the first and world’s only all-in-one 90kVp/20mA handheld wireless digital radiography system with a removable full HD image acquisition and clinical review control (Slate Micro™). Everything about Cuattro Uno is fully wireless and battery powered, including its 10×12” and 14×17” AED detectors. Cuattro Uno is faster, smaller, lighter, easier to use, and in a class of its own. Exclusively from Heska.

Cuattro Uno’s best-in-class images are easy to see, label and optimize during exams. On-the-fly image adjustments and series order changes are made at a touch. And perhaps best of all for mobile practitioners, it takes up HALF of the transport space of other solutions.

System comes complete with Cuattro Uno and 10×12″ wireless digital detector, as well as the Smart Case charging case so your Cuattro Uno is always ready to go.

14×17″ Wireless Digital Detector also available as an option.

Smart-Case (included)
  • Single external plug for in-case charging of generator, detector batteries, and Slate Micro
  • High impact housing, heavy-duty handles

Cuattro Uno utilizes the latest Cuattro InstaView™ technology to present images in 3 seconds from exposure. And with RapidShotX™ technology, Cuattro Uno accepts multiple projections at intervals as short as 6 seconds each. Now that’s fast.

Everything about the Cuattro Uno is fully wireless and battery powered, including its 10×12” and 14×17” AED detectors. Faster, smaller, lighter, easier to use, and in a class of its own. Exclusively from Heska.

 Cuattro Uno Specs

  • 16 lbs
  • Battery powered 90kVp and 20mA generator
  • Capable of 500 exposures between charges

HD Image Acquisition

  • 2 lbs
  • 79,000+ Images and OS
  • Windows Embedded 64 Bit instant on/off
  • Display: 8” removable wireless
  • 10 Finger Multi-touch
  • 1920 HD 12,000:1 Contrast Sunlight Readable
  • Full PACS multi-image/multi-study review
  • Battery: 2-3 Hrs Operation between charges
  • Instaview and RapidShotX Technology
  • Use with AED capble detectors
  • Also operates stand-alone w/any generator
  • 128GB SSD, 1TB Flash Drive
  • 4GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory
  • Dual MIMO 2.5/5.0MHz wireless operation on multiple detectors

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