Optomed Daily Otoscope

Optomed Daily

Digital Otoscope

A precision, scalable video otoscope.

  • Touchscreen Interface

    Easy navigation of SYCRE software to capture still images and video, archive data, and create exam reports.

  • Adjustable Wall Mount

    Ergotron adjustable swing arm for easy viewing of, and access to, screen when docked.

  • Docking Station

    Portable assembly that integrates the touchscreen acquisition unit, otoscope and power supply. Easily movable to other locations.

  • Advanced Consultation Capability

    Allows your clients to see what you see, increasing trust and compliance.

  • Easy Video/Still Image Capture

    With the tap of a foot switch, capture the videos and images you see.

  • Multiple Attachment Capabilities

    Expand menu of diagnostic possibilities with interchangeable, optional scope attachments.

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Bringing advanced technology to consultation and surgery rooms.

LED Light Source with USB Port

Efficient and bright light source to enhance view during exams

CoudBank Storage

Load studies to the cloud for anytime, anywhere, any device viewing.

Enhance Diagnostic Capabilities

Optional scope attachments include brochoscope, gastroscope, rhinoscope, arthroscope and laparoscope.

In 40 years of business in this industry I have never worked with a better company and better people than Heska. I was promised excellent service and that promise has been kept at the highest standards through the entire relationship…service and support have always been very kind and helpful with this Heska equipment and no other sales rep for any part of this business has been as attentive.

Dr. Paul Shaffer
Paradise Animal Center

Technical Details & Downloads

Introducing the Optomed Daily precision scalable video otoscope.

Bringing advanced technology to both your consultation and surgery rooms, the scalable Optomed Daily digitalvideo otoscope oers so much more than standard systems. It is a versatile precision medical imaging systemthat makes conrming any diagnosis easy. Full studies can be integrated into CloudBank for anywhere anytimeany device viewing with Web access. Designed with portability and an intuitive user experience, the digital dailyscope is always ready to go.

The scalable Optomed Daily comes standard with a premium digital video otoscope for outer ear and eardrumexaminations. The otoscope is interchangeable with a wide array of optional scope attachments to expand yourmenu of diagnostic possibilities, including:

Video Otoscope:outer ear/eardrum |Flexible Bronchoscope:respiratory |Video Rhinoscope:upper respiratory


Rugged and Immersible Otoscope

Integrated working channel

Length: 87 mm, Ø: 5.2 mm, Ø canal: 2 mm
Depth of field: 1 to 7 cm

Camera head with USB port

Resolution: 752 x 582, definition: 470 lines
Sensitivity: 2 lux, cable length: 3 m

Touchscreen Acqusition and Display Unit

Loaded with SYCRE software to capture still images and videos, archive data, and create exam reports.

Ergotron™ Swing Arm

Adjustable wall mount for Docking Station Length when unfolded: 60 cm

Docking Station (other colors available)

Portable assembly that integrates the touchscreen acquisition unit, otoscope and power supply. Can be easily removed from the swing arm and moved to other rooms.

LED Light Source with USB port

Efficient and bright light source

Foreign Body Forceps

Alligator jaw
Length: 50 cm, Ø: 1.8 mm

Cleaning Brush

Length: 30 cm, Ø: 1 mm, Ø brush: 2 mm

Double Foot Switch

Waterproof Still Image / Videocapture switch


The Rhinoscope and Flexible Bronchoscope kits can be connected in place of the Otoscope, while using the same camera head and light source.

Video Rhinoscope Kit


Length: 215 mm, Ø: 2.7 mm, 0°

-Rhinoscope Sheath

Length: 215 mm, 2 stopcocks, working channel

-Immersible Lens

22 mm coupler, C mount

-Foreign Body Forceps

(alligator jaw)
Length: 50 cm, Ø: 1.8 mm

Flexible Bronchoscope Kit

-Flexible Bronchoscope

Length: 70 cm, Ø: 3.9 mm,
Ø working channel 1,4 mm

-Immersible Lens

22 mm coupler, C mount

-Foreign Body Forceps (alligator jaw)

Length: 110 cm, Ø: 1 mm

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