Element HT5 Veterinary Hematology Analyzer and Element DC5X Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer


Accurate in-house diagnostics. No up front capital spend.

  • Free Analyzer Use

    Accurate, better and faster blood testing and analysis with best-in-class in-house lab analyzers

  • Free Warranty

    Your warranty is covered so you never worry or deal with unexpected expenses

  • Lowest Test Prices

    Stop overpaying for your lab when you can save around 40%

  • Price Protection

    No unexpected price hikes when prices are contracted to increase no more than 4% per year

  • Incredible Average Savings

    Invest back into your practice, increase owner compliance, positively impact your bottom line

  • Product Upgrades

    Always have the option to upgrade to the latest and greatest equipment as Heska's product line advances

"Reset" how you think about your in-house lab.

No Up Front Capital Outlay

No need to buy outright or deal with leasing companies.

Up to Date Equipment

Keep your in-house lab current with the ability to upgrade analyzers at any time.

Transparent Pricing

Clear pricing and price protection through your term means you know your consumable cost 6 years out.

Peace Of Mind

Always get a replacement analyzer when you need it and avoid spending thousands on repairs with a warranty that is completely covered.

Pet Owner Compliance

Lowest test pricing in the industry gives you flexibility pushing clients towards compliance.

Comprehensive Test Menu

Chemistry, hematology, blood gas, immunoassay, coagulation and other specialty tests and more are available with the Element Series of in-house lab analyzers.

The main reason I left my old in house lab company is because every time I got an invoice, I got nickled and dimed. When you get extra bills it makes it much more difficult to figure out what you're actually paying for each test. Now, I know exactly what I'm being charged for, there's no hidden costs, and I know exactly what I'm paying for each panel. I'm very pleased with that. Once you know your costs, then running your business is pretty straightforward. I provide a more fair price to my clients and therefore am able to run more bloodwork. The Reset program fits my model perfectly. It was really an easy decision.

Dr. Adam Cohen
Southgate Animal Hospital

Technical Details & Downloads

2023 Reset Comparison Savings Chart


Customer Savings Data (based on 2023 pricing and 20 working days per month)

Test level 1/day assumes a daily average of 1 comprehensive panel plus electrolytes, 1 presurgical panel and 1 CBC.
Test level 3/day assumes a daily average of 3 comprehensive panels plus electrolytes, 3 presurgical panels and 3 CBCs.
Test level 5/day assumes a daily average of 5 comprehensive panels plus electrolytes, 5 presurgical panels and 5 CBCs.

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