Blood Diagnostics

In-House Veterinary Analyzers

Always advancing in veterinary medicine.

Let Heska redefine your in-house lab.

Heska’s Element Series of product advancements include state-of-the-art chemistry, hematology, and blood gas & electrolyte systems, as well as specialty analyzers for immunoassay and coagulation parameters. Backed by the Reset Subscription Program, achieving a best-in-class in-house lab has never been so easy.

Element DC5X Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Element DC5X

Heska’s newest, professional grade clinical chemistry.

Element HT5

True 5-part WBC differential, RBC and platelet parameters in under 1 minute.

Element COAG

Blood Typing, PT/aPTT, and Fibrinogen.

Element i Immunodiagnostic Analyzer

Element i

T4, TSH, Bile Acids, Cortisol and NEW Progesterone!

Element POC

Handheld blood chemistry, electrolytes, hematology, acid-base and blood gas analyzer.

Element DC Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Element DC

Simple, fast and flexible chemistry with superior accuracy.


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HemaTrue Veterinary Hematology Analyzer


Delivering accurate CBC results in only 55 seconds.

HeskaView Integrated Software Report

Lab Software

HeskaView Integrated Software Program and PIMS Software Solutions.