Lunch & Learn Registration: Cytologic Evaluation

HeskaView TelecytologyPlease register for your clinic’s personalized cytology training webinar:

Systematic Approach to Cytologic Evaluation

Join your team and one of Heska’s clinical pathologists for an in-depth view of important cytology topics and the benefits and use of HeskaView Telecytology in your clinic.

When: August 3, 2022
Presented by: Brandy Kastl, DVM, MS, DACVP

Dr. Brandy Kastl

Presentation Details:

Telecytology is a powerful diagnostic tool, providing rapid results and improving patient care. In this FREE 1-hour webinar, Brandy Kastl, DVM, MS, DACVP guides us through fine needle aspirate cytology using a case-based approach. Learn how to identify primary cell populations and patterns distinguishing inflammatory cells from tissue cells. Review tips and tricks for diagnostic sampling and how to maximize the power of digital cytology in your practice!

Highlights Include: