Cuattro US9 Equine Ultrasound

Cuattro US9 Equine Ultrasound

Engineered for the way you work.

  • Dedicated Equine Application

    Ultrasound specifically for your equine needs.

  • Convenient Mobility

    Specially designed backpack and 1.5 hours of battery power for in-field patient visits.

  • Multipe Probe Options

    Transducers for cardiology, abdomen, tendon and reproduction.

  • Robust Image Storage

    Store up to 130,000 high quality images on the ultrasound unit.

  • Robust Scanning Power

    8 hours of scanning capability powered by U-Bank.

  • 5-Year Warranty

    Coverage on system and probes for 5 years.

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The Cuattro US9 is an Equine Ultrasound System with a Dedicated Equine Application

Excellent for In-Field Exams

Lightweight at 6.6 lbs, with specially designed backpack and battery power.

Engineered for the Way You Work

Choose from various probes for all your equine exam needs.

Large LED Monitor

15.6 in LED monitor for viewing of high quality ultrasound images.

In 40 years of business in this industry I have never worked with a better company and better people than Heska.

Dr. Paul Shaffer
Paradise Animal Center

Technical Details & Downloads

Dedicated Equine Ultrasound: 

Upgrade to flexible and reliable equine ultrasound with the new Cuattro US9. Engineered for the way you work, this modular unit offers transducers for cardiology, abdomen, tendon and reproduction specific ultrasound exams, with the capacity to store 130,000 images. The specially designed backpack provides an efficient option for in-field patient visits.

Available Probes:


  • P4–2s
  • Excellent penetration phased array for equine heart


  • C5–1s
  • Convex array transducer equine abdominal scanner with high resolution


  • L13–3Ns
  • Wide frequency range linear array for both low and deep tendon tissue


  • 6LE5Vs
  • Intra-rectal linear array transducer with dedicated 9.8 ft long cable


Dopplers Weight and Size

  • 6.6 lbs (3kg)
  • 15.6 in LED wide monitor. 1.73 in (44mm) in height.
  • B/M/Color/Color M/PW/Power

Available Probes

  • Macroconvex, max depth of 15.75 in (40 cm)
  • Linear, Cardiac and Rectal

5-year warranty on system and probes

Scanning and Storage

  • Storate space for over 130,000 images
  • 8 hours scaning powered by U-Bank
  • Cover protective silicon shell of main unit


  • Battery life of 1.5 hours
  • Specially designd traveling backpack


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