Cuattro US10

Cuattro US10

Veterinary Ultrasound System

Intelligent Ultrasound Performance in a Compact Design

  • Compact Design

    Fully featured compact solution for your most challenging point-of-care exams.

  • Impressive Performance

    Delivered by newly designed adaptive algorithms and advanced processing.

  • Premium Image Quality

    mQuadro Imaging Architecture combines advanced transmission and reception, powerful parallel processing and intelligent algorithms that deliver higher image resolution.

  • Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities

    Along with premium image quality, higher color sensitivity serves to enhance diagnostic capabilities.

  • Dedicated Veterinary Software

    Designed for the way you work with data information, exam modes, body marks, measurements and reports.

  • Advanced Features

    Including HDR Flow, HR Flow, TDI, Tissue Tracking, Auto PW trace and Auto EF.

The NEW Cuattro US10...raising the level of performance.

Mobile and Flexible

Slim profile and ergonomic design allow for effortless flexibility and mobility.

Versatile Platform

Equipped with single crystal transducers, unique echo boost, HDR Flow and 3T™ technology for a wide range of exams, from abdominal to advanced cardiac.

Multiple Probe Attachments

Convex Array, Linear Array, Single Crystal Phased Array, Phased and Micro-Convex Array

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Technical Details & Downloads

The Cuattro US10™ Ultrasound System offers a fully-featured, compact ultrasound solution for your most challenging point-of-care exams.

Delivering image clarity and advanced capabilities previously only available on larger, cart-based systems, the Cuattro US10 System defines the new standard for intelligent performance in a mobile, laptop design. Advanced system processing and newly designed adaptive algorithms raise the Cuattro US10 to a new level of overall performance. The Cuattro US10 offers users a fully-featured platform with premium image quality. Equipped with single crystal transducers, unique echo boost, HDR Flow and 3T™ technology for a wide range of exams, from abdominal to advanced cardiac, the Cuattro US10 System is a versatile platform for diagnostic imaging in any veterinary practice. The System’s slim profile and ergonomic design allow for effortless fexibility and mobility.

Features and Specs:Cuattro US10 with cart

• 15″ LED wide format HD 1920 x 1080 monitor
• 256GB Solid State Hard Disk & iStation™ Patient Info Mgmt
• HDMI Output, (2) USB 3.0 Ports and Integrated Wi-Fi
• Travelling Case
• iScape™ View (Real-time Panoramic Imaging)
• AC Adapter with US power cord and Lithium-ion Battery Pack
(Built-in Main Unit, 90 minute rating)
• Ethernet adapter & internal Wi-Fi Protection film
for control panel TriPlex Mode
• Export Raw Data
• Trapezoidal Mode

Advanced Features:

• HDR Flow (High Dynamic Range Flow)
• HR Flow (High Resolution Flow)
• DICOM Basic, Worklist, MPPS, Query/Retrieve
• High quality CW imaging
• TDI and quantitative analysis for condent cardiology analysis
• Tissue Tracking quantitative analysis for advanced myocardial
• Auto measurement including Auto PW trace, Auto EF etc.

Available Probes:

• C5-1s Convex Array (1.4-5.1 MHz.) • L12-4s Linear Array (3.0-13.0 MHz) • L14-6Ns Linear Array (3.5-16.0 MHz) • SP5-1s Single Crystal Phased Array (1.1-4.4 MHz) • 6LE5Vs Veterinary Intrarectal Transducer • P10-4s Phased Array (2.9-10.5 MHz) • C11-3s Micro-convex Array (3.0-11.2 MHz)

Software Included:

• B/M/Color/Color M/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow
• Imaging Pulse Wave Doppler
(includes High Pulsed Repetition Frequency)
• PSH™ (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging)
• iBeam™ (Spatial Compounding Imaging)
• iClear™ (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
• iTouch™ (Auto Image Optimization)
• iZoom™ (Full Screen View)
• Echo Boost™
• Continuous Wave Doppler Function
• Free Xros M™ (Anatomical M-mode)
• iNeedle™ (Needle Visualization Enhancement)
• Physio Function Key

Dedicated Veterinary Software:

• Data information
• Exam modes
• Body marks
• Measurements and reports


mQuadro Imaging Architecture

Combines advanced transmission and reception, powerful parallel processing, and
intelligent algorithms. This delivers higher image resolution and
color sensitivity to enhance diagnostic capabilities.

3T Transducer Technology™

Increases transducer acoustic
bandwidth and transmission efficiency.
• Triple-matching layer design
• Total-cut design
• Thermal-control design


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