Element AIM Automated AI Microscopy

Element AIM

Automated Artificial Intelligence Microscopy

The world’s ONLY automated Fecal and Urine
Point-of-Care Lab.

  • Superior Lab Quality Optics

    Crystal clear images in just minutes. Easily store in medical records and share with clients and specialists.

  • Load-and-Go

    Image feces and urine to find important cells, bacteria, crystals, and parasites, including roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, whipworm, giardia, and more.

  • Fast and Sanitary

    Eliminate the mess and smell of handling slides and cover slips with sanitary cartridge.

  • Automated Ease-of-Use

    Remove user error and wasted time at the microscope and during sample prep.

  • Low Per Test Prices

    Affordable in-clinic fecal and urine automation for every clinic.

  • Free Analyzer and Warranty

    Get the Element AIM free with Heska's Reset Subscription program.

“It has substantially improved our efficiency with patient care.”

Hear more from Dr. Carlo Riolo, DVM and CEO of Paw Health Network, Inc. as he shares how the Element AIM has impacted his practice.



The number one 2-in-1 solution to analyze #1 and #2... in minutes.

Gold Standard Images

Provide quality image to you and your clients, faster than ever.

Immediate Results

Run fecal and urine samples immediately, before sample degrades.

Easy to Use Design

Simple load-and-go workflow with on-board centrifuge and artificial intelligence.

Heska’s Element AIM™ Automated Artificial Intelligence Microscopy analyzer has been an exceptional addition to our in-clinic lab setting. The Element AIM’s urinalysis results are more reliable than our previous machine, giving us confidence in the results. In comparison to other veterinary lab instruments, Heska’s lab solutions produce reliable and accurate results in the shortest amount of time. They are the most cost effective for us and our clients.

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Shara Carlton, DVM, Chief of Medicine & Tristan Young, COO
OKC Vet Campus, Downtown Oklahoma City, OK

Technical Details & Downloads

Element AIM™ was invented by Heska to perfectly prepare, automate, and image feces and urine to find important cells, bacteria, crystals, and parasites, including roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, whipworm, giardia, and more, in a fast and sanitary “load-and-go” way. Providing quality results and images to you and your clients, faster than ever.

Heska’s Element AIM Automated Artificial Intelligence Microscopy Analyzer System is used to perform urine sediment and fecal flotation analysis on canine and feline urine and fecal samples. Leveraging a unique and proprietary cartridge design, customized onboard centrifuge, state-of-the-art nanopositioning precision motion system, premium quality optical components, and high-powered computational analytics, the AIM dynamically captures microscopic images which are then categorized using artificial intelligence to identify specific objects of interest.


The Element AIM Fecal Prep Kit makes the process even easier. 

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