man hugging dog

Recorded Webinar: End-of-Life Care and Non-Venipuncture Euthanasia

Learn more about providing the best end-of-life care to companion animals.

Cat Dental

Recorded Webinar: Understanding Tooth Resorption in Cats

Understand feline tooth resorption from a veterinary dentist’s perspective.

Dog getting oral exam

Recorded Webinar: The Power of the Conscious Oral Exam: Improving Estimates and Owner Communication

Learn how to develop a concrete strategy for effective conscious oral examinations on dogs and cats

Dog getting ultrasound.

Recorded Webinar: A Surgeon’s Approach to the Acute Abdomen

Learn how best to manage patients who present with signs of the “Acute Abdomen”.

various animals

Recorded Webinar: Wound Care: New Approaches to Second Intention Healing

Learn about the latest strategies in wound care for most veterinary species from cases with horses and a rhino.

vet examining horse leg

Recorded Webinar: Equine Acute Injuries-When Imaging is Critical to Success

Hear about practical real-world situations to help you discuss the value of the different imaging modalities.

blood cells

Recorded Webinar: Canine Lymphoma Staging Tests: Are They Really Done Anymore?

Join this this free 1-hr CE webinar for a review of canine lymphoma as well as common lymphoma staging tests.

pet parent talking to vet with dog

Recorded Webinar: Triaging Those Pesky Behavior Cases!

Assuage your fears and plan for tricky canine and feline behavior cases in this webinar.


Recorded Webinar: EKG Interpretation for the General Practitioner: Simplifying a Complicated Diagnostic

Learn how to simplify EKG interpretation and decode many of the most frequently encountered arrythmias in veterinary medicine with seven simple steps.

dog getting respiratory treatment

Recorded Webinar: Take a Breath! Management of Respiratory Emergencies

Attend this free 1-hr webinar to gain understanding of pathophysiology to appropriately treat your next respiratory emergency.

Service dog and trainer

Recorded Webinar: Veterinary Care Considerations for Service Dogs

Learn about the dos and don’ts when it comes to interacting with service dogs and their handlers.

cat with pemphigus autoimmune disease

Recorded Webinar: Pemphigus Foliaceus: Who, What, When, Why, and How to Treat

Discover all the ins and outs of Pemphigus – from appearance of lesions to diagnosis to a multi-modal approach for effective treatment.