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How comfortable are you diagnosing and staging canine lymphoma, one of the most diagnosed cancers in dogs? Find out with Karen Oberthaler, VMD, DACVIM (Oncology) in this free 1-hr webinar. Dr. Oberthaler will review canine lymphoma as well as common lymphoma staging tests such as complete blood count, chemistry panel, urinalysis, thoracic radiography, abdominal ultrasound, bone marrow analysis, and immunophenotyping. Hear about practical real-world situations to help you discuss the value of these tests with pet parents and guide treatment options whether in-house or referral.

Attend this webinar to gain knowledge about:

  • Overview of canine lymphoma
  • Current diagnostic techniques available to the general practitioner
  • Updates in staging cases prior to treatment or referral
  • Practical tips for discussing the value of staging tests with pet parents

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