HeskaView Telecytology

HeskaView Telecytology


  • Submit Multiple Submission Types

    Your sample submission can consist of blood smears, fine needle aspirates, body cavity effusions, bone marrow and more.

  • Industry Leading Support

    24/7/365 support to keep you up and running.

  • Priority Service Selection

    Select your own turnaround time option: Normal or STAT to receive your report.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Receive fully comprehensive reports, including microscopic description and slide images.

  • Digital Microscopy

    Automated slide scanner digitizes your samples for specialist review and patient file storage.

  • Board Certified Clinical Pathologists

    Our clinical pathologists, all ACVP diplomates, are dedicated to point of care telecytology, providing rapid, expert diagnostic support for your patients.

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Their Voice. Your Diagnosis. Here’s what’s possible with HeskaView Telecytology.

CBC Pathology Review, Lymph Nodes, Skin & SQ Masses, Abdominal Organs & Masses, Abdominal Effusion, Thoracic Effusion, Thoracic Masses, Pericardial Effusion, Urogenital, Vaginal Cytology, Oral & Nasal Masses, Joint Taps, BAL/TTW, CSF Cytology, Bone Lesions, Bone Marrow, Pre-Surgical Planning, and more…

Start diagnosing at the speed of digital today.


Bring Clinical Pathology into your practice and wield the power of digital telecytology.

Expedite Patient Treatment

Eliminate delays in slide review and move on to next step diagnostics and treatment same day.

Elevate Patient Care

Provide better diagnosis and treatment for difficult or time-consuming cases with an elevated standard of patient care.

Execute with Ease

Obtain and prepare your sample, enter patient and site info, then wait for your pathologist review and report. It's that simple.

Technical Details & Downloads

Add a specialty service to your practice without hiring a specialist.

Digital cytology allows same day access to veterinary clinical pathologists who can assist with diagnostic evaluation of your patients. Whether you are a cytology novice or expert, the board-certifed pathologists at HeskaView Telecytology can help with everything from CBC pathology review to planning and decision-making.

Your Diagnosis. Their Voice.  Here’s what’s possible with HeskaView Telecytology.

  • CBC Pathology Review
  • Lymph Nodes
  • Skin & SQ Masses
  • Abdominal Organs & Masses
  • Abdominal Effusion
  • Thoracic Effusion
  • Thoracic Masses
  • Pericardial Effusion
  • Urogenital
  • Vaginal Cytology
  • Oral & Nasal Masses
  • Joint Taps
  • CSF Cytology
  • Bone Lesions
  • Bone Marrow
  • Pre-Surgical Planning
  • And more…Start diagnosing at the speed of digital today.



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