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HeskaView Connect


  • Consolidated Printed Reports

    Obtain a detailed, attractive report including hematology parameters, patient ID, relevant sample pathology messages, and histograms.

  • Limitless Analyzer Connection

    No limit to the number of analyzers that can be connected, or patient data that can be stored.

  • Web-Style Links

    Web-style links guide users to next steps and key actions.

  • Multi-Select Feature

    Assign, unassign or delete multiple items at one time.

  • Rapid Retrieval of Data

    Immediate access to extensive patient data enables users to easily manage patient records.

  • Bi-Directional Communication

    Increase efficiency by pre-loading patients into worklist each day.

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Heska’s list of integrated software solutions is always growing.

See our list of solutions to find one that’s right for your practice.

Bi-directional communication for the integrity of your data.

No Missed Charges

Charges automatically populate to patient record and invoice.

Easily Order All Tests at Once

Efficient workflow to streamline any in-house lab.

Auto-Populate Patient ID's

Confirm test results match patient record.

Bi-Directional Integration

Have confidence in reported results.

Advanced Search Tools

Locate records quickly and easily.

Track Patient Specific Info

Helpful 'notes' field is provided for tracking patient specific sample details.

Technical Details & Downloads

Heska realizes that seamlessly managing your patient data is a critical need for your practice.

With HeskaView™ Connect, you will receive a solution for simplified workflow and comprehensive patient management and reporting, making assessment of patient results as simple as possible. Also transfer results into your existing Practice Management Software program, for automatic upload of lab results into patient files. With easy operation, improved data management features, and easy to use navigation, HeskaView Connect gives you the time you need to focus on what really matters…your patients.”

  • Intelligent Information Messages: View results on sample pathology, including which samples might require additional pathology analysis using blood film review.
  • Color-Coded Results in Less than 1 Minute: View values, histograms, or color-coded indicators. High, low or within-range levels provide for quick identification of potential concerns.
  • Consolidated Printed Reports: The HeskaView Integrated Software® Program provides a detailed, attractive report including hematology parameters, patient ID, relevant sample pathology messages, and histograms.



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