Element DCX Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Element DCXTM

Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Chemistry Designed with Your Practice in Mind

  • ISE Electrolyte Technology

    Enjoy reference lab technology on this in-house analyzer, with an auto-cap feature to maintain continuity of RE solution.

  • High Efficiency

    Preload 12 tips at once and enjoy automated dilution...no calculations necessary.

  • Simple Data Entry

    Worklisting available to simplify patient data entry.

  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

    Easy-to-use 7" color touchscreen provides simple multi-functional operation such as setup, results search and accessing the help feature.

  • Broad and Customizable Test Menu

    Individual slides and pre-packaged panels with eWrap convenience so you can just insert, pull tab and go.

  • Small Sample Size

    Accommodate juvenile and exotic patients with 10uL sample size.

Fast and accurate answers, for accurate treatment decisions.

'Reset' the way you do in-house lab.

ISE Technology

Reference lab technology on an in-house analyzer with Auto-cap feature to maintain continuity of RE Solution.

High Efficiency

Preload 12 pipette tips at once. Enjoy fully automated dilution. Worklisting available to simplify data entry.

Trusted Dry Slide Technology

Broad and customizable test menu. Unsurpassed accuracy and reproducibility. Pre-packaged panels for convenience.

Technical Details & Downloads

Leverage sophisticated in-house chemistry with the analyzer built for any practice that needs speed, ease of use and accuracy.

Our trusted dry slide and Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) technologies bring the quality of reference lab results into your clinic with unmatched savings so you can reinvest in your practice and patients. Worklisting, preloaded tips, and convenient eWrap panels allow you to get back to patient care sooner. Bring convenience, speed and confidence to your clinic today.

Benefit from a broad and customizable test menu:

Individual Slides

BUN, CREA, ALP, ALT, PHOS, GGT, TBIL, AST, GLU, TP, ALB, Ca, Mg, NH3, TRIG, LIP, AMY, CK, URIC, CHOL, TCO2, LDH, Electrolytes (Na+, K+, Cl-)


Kidney Panel (ALB, BUN, CREA, Ca, PHOS, TP)
Liver Panel (ALB, ALP, ALT, GGT, GLU, TBIL)

eWrap Panels: Open one foil pack for all slides

Pre-surgical Panel (ALP, ALT, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP)

Comprehensive Panel eWrap: ALP, ALT, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP, TBIL, ALB, PHOS, Ca, CHOL, GGT

Plus Panel eWrap : LIP, AMY, Mg, TRIG, AST, Na+ , K+ , Cl

Comprehensive Plus Panel (NEW!) (ALP, ALT, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP, TBIL, ALB, PHOS, Ca, CHOL, GGT, LIP, AMY, Mg, TRIG, AST, Na+, K+, Cl)


Calculated Values

Globulin, Na+/K+ Ratio, Albumin/Globulin Ratio, Corrected Calcium, Estimated Osmolality, BUN/Creatinine Ratio

Flexible Slide Configuration

With the Element DCX Analyzer, configure profiles that you require without wasting tests that you don’t want. Add electrolytes and lipase to any sample run. Run a panel, run an individual slide, or combine panels and individual slides to create virtually unlimited options specific to your patients’ needs. And with weighted slide stabilization, you can be sure your slides are transferred into the incubator seamlessly with no jamming.


Best-in-Class Dry Chemistry Technology

There are two types of biochemistry testing systems for clinical testing: those utilizing liquid reagents and those that test based on dry reagents, which are easier to handle. Dry chemistry has been an accepted technology in medical laboratories for many years and numerous clinical evaluations have validated this technology against conventional wet chemistry analysis. Heska’s Element DCX chemistry analyzer is powered by Fujifilm technology and leverages more than 75 years of dry chemistry research and development. The state-of-the-art sample surface detection feature monitors air pressure changes and detects inadequate sample volume before the slide is wasted. Along with coated tips which prevent sample wicking and provide accurate delivery, the Element DC analyzer brings advanced solutions to in-hospital chemistry testing.

No Interference from Lipemic Samples

Lipemia, hemolysis and icterus (hyperbilirubinemia) are common interferents in all clinical chemistry systems as shown below. Lipemia is the most common problem on liquid chemistry systems, because the turbidity associated with lipemia scatters light in the measurement of absorption by the reactant fluid.

Together, Heska and FUJIFILM are leading the way with technological advances that successfully eliminate lipemia as an interferent, while reducing the number of tests affected by icterus to a single parameter, and significantly decreasing the parameters impacted by hemolytic samples.

This is accomplished because the Element DCX analyzer uses reflectance (rather than absorbance) technology to measure the color reaction. This, along with the slide sample spreading layer, reduces the effect of light scatter on the sample. In addition, electrolytes which are measured by potentiometry are not affected by interfering substances at all.

Automated Dilution

Not all patient chemistry parameters fall within the measurable range of an analyzer. When an absolute value is critical to a diagnosis, treatment plan, or prognosis, the auto-dilution feature on the Element DCX analyzer gives you the information you need.

In cases where patient results are above the analyzers’ measurable limits you can quickly obtain a result by performing a dilution in a few simple steps:

  1. Add your slides and sample tube.
  2. Place a dilution cup and diluent (distilled water) into the analyzer.
  3. Add your tips.
  4. Select your dilution factor.

The sample rerun feature on the Element DCX analyzer eliminates data re-entry; your previous patient number, sample ID and reference interval are recalled with the touch of a button.

No manual pipetting or re-calculation required; the auto-dilution feature on the Element DCX analyzer does it all — minimizing the chance of error. These fully automated steps ensure dilution results are reliable and allow you to focus entirely on your patients.

Analyzer Dimensions:

Element DCX Dimensions


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