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The Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor is now available in Heska’s Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (VDL). Reach out to our Customer Service Specialists to place an order for a Nu.Q® Sample Submission Kit:

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Daisy has had trouble with repeated yeast infections in her ears and her feet. She was treated with oral antifungals, hypoallergenic diet, cyclosporine and prednisone as needed for several years. None of these therapies completely solved the problem. Daisy was constantly chewing at her feet. Daisy is very sensitive about injections, so we were unable to pursue allergy testing until the oral allergy drops became available. The ALLERCEPT drops have made a huge difference in Daisy's quality of life. She rarely chews at her feet. It is rare for her to have a yeast infection in her ears. At this point she might have an allergy flare once or twice a year. Before she was constantly having problems.

Earlysville Animal Hospital

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Providing our unique proprietary ALLERCEPT® serum IgE allergy tests, as well as routine chemistry and hematology profiles. Count on Heska’s team of professionals to provide the accurate, timely, and reliable results you need.

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