Ben Hantler, DVM

Ben Hantler, DVM, MBA

Ben Hantler, DVM, MBA, Product Manager for Element DC, Element, DC5X, and Element POC. Before joining Heska, he practiced small animal and some exotics medicine in Missouri, Florida, and Colorado. Dr. Hantler recently graduated from a Master of Business Administration program with a focus on Healthcare Management and Policy.

Element DC5X Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer Carousel with Sample Rack

Recorded Webinar: Unmasking Canine Pancreatitis with In-House Lipase

Review the pathophysiology of canine pancreatitis along with detailed information on available diagnostic pathways. Learn the differences between current in-house testing options for canine Pancreatic Lipase and the benefits of Heska’s highly selective pancreatic lipase assay. Discover solutions for providing a more tailored treatment plan for your patients while getting them on the road to recovery.