man hugging dog

Recorded Webinar: End-of-Life Care and Non-Venipuncture Euthanasia

Learn more about providing the best end-of-life care to companion animals.

Cat Dental

Recorded Webinar: Understanding Tooth Resorption in Cats

Understand feline tooth resorption from a veterinary dentist’s perspective.

Dog getting oral exam

Recorded Webinar: The Power of the Conscious Oral Exam: Improving Estimates and Owner Communication

Learn how to develop a concrete strategy for effective conscious oral examinations on dogs and cats

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Blood Smear

Hematology in the Point-of-Care Lab

In recent years digital slide scanning has given veterinary professionals the option of point-of-care CBC pathologist review via remote consultation with board certified veterinary clinical pathologists. Learn More.

collecting cat urine sample

Why Do a Urinalysis?

A urinalysis is a quick, safe, and easy screening test that provides invaluable information regarding pet health. Learn More.

Dog playing in water


Originally leptospirosis affected mostly sporting, working, or herding dogs with extensive outdoor exposure, but smaller breeds and shelter dogs now also appear at increased risk.

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