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A New Framework for Diagnosing and Treating Separation-Related Disorders

Do pet parents come to you for help with their distraught canine’s separation anxiety? This webinar is for you.

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Lymphadenomegaly: Demystifying Lymph Node Cytology

Join this webinar for a case-based approach to the evaluation and diagnosis of patients with lymphadenomegaly.

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The Facts About Fecals

Does fecal testing have your veterinary team down in the dumps? Learn the facts about fecals.

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intestinal parasites


Echinococcus tapeworm infections are starting to become more common in areas of Canada and the United States where they had not been recognized previously.


Emerging Canine Hookworm Resistance

Beyond the concern for canine health, MDR in canine hookworms could present a serious threat to human health. Learn More.

cat scratching

Why I Love to Treat Feline Atopy!

Since atopy is for the life of the cat it is essential to devise a treatment plan that will work both for the owner and the patient.

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