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Hyperadrenocorticism: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Monitoring

Cover what to be on the lookout for in your patients, and then dive into treatment and what’s new for the successful management of Cushing’s disease.

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Cavity Effusions: Tips to Make the Most of that “Tap”

Learn valuable point of care evaluation tools to aid in the diagnosis of the various effusion types.

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Canine Lymphoma: Molecular Diagnostics and Treatment Strategies

This webinar will provide real-life case examples involving state-of-the-art cancer testing modalities.

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Understanding Hyperadrenocorticism

Cushing’s Syndrome, also referred to as Cushing’s disease, is a condition resulting from persistently elevated cortisol levels in circulation. Learn about signs and tests to diagnose in this article.

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Hematology in the Point-of-Care Lab

In recent years digital slide scanning has given veterinary professionals the option of point-of-care CBC pathologist review via remote consultation with board certified veterinary clinical pathologists. Learn More.

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Why Do a Urinalysis?

A urinalysis is a quick, safe, and easy screening test that provides invaluable information regarding pet health. Learn More.

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