Blood Diagnostics

Element DC5X Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Element DC5X

Heska’s newest, professional grade clinical chemistry.

Element HT5

True 5-part WBC differential, RBC and platelet parameters in under 1 minute.

Element COAG

Blood Typing, PT/aPTT, and Fibrinogen.

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Digital Imaging

Cuattro DR HD Digital Radiography

Cuattro DR HD

A whole new category of Digital Radiography.

Cuattro Hub Digital Imaging System

Cuattro Hub

One device, endless possibilities.

DentiPod Intraoral Digital Radiography


Intraoral Dental DR, only available with the Cuattro Hub

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Allercept Therapy Drops

A palatable allergy treatment solution delivered under the tongue.

Allercept Testing

The gold standard in serum IgE testing.

Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

Providing veterinarians the ability and support to confidently practice better medicine.

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IV Pump, Heartworm & Other

Solo Step Canine and Feline Heartworm Casettes

Solo Step

The only 1-step heartworm test.

F.A. Granules Supplements


Highly palatable fatty acid supplements.

IV Pump

Accurate, portable infusion therapy.

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Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

USDA-Licensed Biologicals and FDA-Registered pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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