Element DC5X Veterinary Blood Chemistry Analyzer

Introducing the latest advancement for in-clinic blood chemistry testing.

Meet the all-new Heska Element DC5X® Veterinary Blood Chemistry Analyzer. In contrast with other blood chemistry analyzers, Element DC5X is a true professional-grade instrument that can easily and quickly handle five times the workload. By incorporating proven, accurate dry chemistry testing technologies pioneered by FUJIFILM, Element DC5X is the new, undisputed leader in clinical confidence and speed for high-volume, specialty and group practices. Element DC5X supports two-way communication with veterinary practice management software systems, one-touch patient and panel selection, multiple sample “load and go” freedom, and the highest levels of process and quality automation. Contact your Heska representative to step up to Professional Grade clinical chemistry. Your time, your team, your confidence, and your patients will thank you.

Explore the feature of our Element DC5X Veterinary Blood Chemistry Analyzer.
3-step easy measurement: set slides, set samples, press the start key.

The small sample size of our Element DC5X Veterinary Blood Chemistry Analyzer is perfect for juvenile and exotic patients.High throughput, compact design
  • Run up to 5 patient samples at one time
  • Process 190 tests per hour
Intuitive user interface
  • 7 inch color touch panel
  • Worklisting capability for bi-directional communication with practice software
Trusted dry slide technology
  • Broad and customizable test menu
  • Pre-packaged panels for convenience
  • Unsurpassed accuracy and reproducibility
ISE electrolyte technology
  • Reference lab technology on an in-house analyzer
  • Auto-cap feature maintains continuity of RE Solution
Efficiency Features
  • Store 50 pipette tips at once
  • Fully automated dilution
  • Load samples and walk away
Dimensions (WxDxH)
  • 20” x 15” x 16”
  • 500mm x 380mm x 410mm
Intuitive multi-function touch screen interface for our Element DC5X Veterinary Blood Chemistry Analyzer.
Individual parameters for the Element DC5X Veterinary Blood Chemistry Analyzer.