Social Media Policy

Heska Social Media Policy

Social Media is used for connecting with friends, family, and more, informing us about the latest news, and allows us to express ourselves. As a Heska representative, you are regarded as a representative of Heska by our customers, our partners and affiliates, and others whether you are performing your job duties or not. Your participation on social media platforms is a reflection on Heska regardless if the content is about Heska.

All postings on a blog, wiki, or social networking site on behalf of the Company must be preapproved and sent by authorized representatives. All other postings made by an employee on a blog, wiki, or social networking site are considered personal communications and are not Company communications. Employees are personally responsible for the content they publish. Use of personal mobile devices during work time should be kept to a minimum.

Employees need to know and adhere to Heska’s Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct and Ethics, and other company policies when using social media in reference to Heska.

The Basic Policy:

Be Truthful (about who you are, your opinions, and your relationship with Heska).

Be Kind (don’t be a jerk).

Keep Secrets, Secret (don’t share confidential information).

Be Truthful (about who you are, your opinions, and your relationship with Heska)

  1. If you post any comment or post that promotes or endorses Company products or services in any way, the Federal Trade Commission requires that you disclose that you are affiliated with the Company. Please identify your relationship with Heska by including the hashtag #IAmHeska or #HeskaLife in the comment or post. This is true for employees, contingent/temporary workers, key opinion leaders, third-party affiliates, agencies hired by Heska, etc.
  2. If you talk about Heska or a Heska product on any website or any form of social media, please use a disclaimer like: “All opinions are my own”.
  3. If you have a vested interest in something you are discussing, be the first to point it out and be specific about what it is.
  4. Only write about what you know. If you aren’t an authority on a subject, don’t post about that subject.
  5. If you leave Heska, update your employment information on social media sites promptly.
  6. If you aren’t giving an official Heska response, don’t speak on behalf of Heska. Be sure your audience knows the difference.

Be Kind (don’t be a jerk).

When you use social media, use good judgment. We request that you be respectful of the Company, our employees, our customers, our partners and affiliates, and others. Avoid using statements, photographs, video or audio that reasonably could be viewed as malicious, obscene, threatening or intimidating, that disparages our employees, customers, partners and affiliates, or that might constitute harassment or bullying. Examples of such conduct might include offensive posts meant to intentionally harm someone’s reputation or posts that could contribute to a hostile work environment.

  1. Discrimination (including age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability, or marital status or any other legally recognized protected basis under federal, state, or local laws, regulations or ordinances) in posts will not be tolerated.
  2. Don’t criticize Heska or our competitors.
  3. Anything you publish must not be misleading. All claims you make must be substantiated and approved.
  4. You should avoid posting content that might contain legal conclusions, intellectual property that belongs to other companies, and defamatory language.

Keep Secrets, Secret (don’t share confidential information)

You must comply with all applicable laws including copyright and fair use laws. You may not disclose any sensitive, proprietary, confidential, or financial information about Company. You may not post anything related to company inventions, strategy, financials, or products that have not been made public. Confidential information includes trade secrets or anything related to the Company’s inventions, strategy, financials, or products that have not been made public, internal reports, procedures or other internal business-related confidential communications. Further detail is provided in the “Code of Conduct and Ethics” section of the Employee Handbook.

  1. Never share personal information about Heska employees or our customers.
  2. Never share anything to do with a legal issue, legal case, or attorneys.

Not sure if you should post? Then don’t. Our Social Media team can help you decide if something is permissible to post.

If you see something shared related to Heska on a social media platform that shouldn’t be shared or reflects negatively on Heska, immediately inform the Social Media team.

Subject to applicable law, after‐hours online activity that violates Heska’s Code of Conduct or any other company policy may subject an employee to disciplinary action or termination.


Social Media Account Ownership

It is highly recommended that employees keep Heska-branded social media accounts separate from personal accounts, if practical. Heska-branded accounts on any platform may be considered Heska property. In the event an employee with access to those shared accounts leaves Heska for any reason, that employee may not alter the account in any way (i.e. changing the password, log-in, etc.) or use the contacts and connections gained through that account. Personal accounts remain your own.

Any private social networking or other personal site and related communications should not display the Heska logo or other trademarks that might indicate Heska approval of site content in order to avoid confusion as to attribution and to avoid jeopardizing Heska’s legal rights with respect to it trademarks and tradenames.

Social Networking communications must not utilize the corporate logos or trademarks of clients, partners or suppliers without written approval.

Heska email addresses should not be used to register on social networks, blogs or other online tools utilized for personal use, unless you are authorized by Heska.

Nothing in this guideline is meant to interfere with employees’ right under applicable law to engage in protected and concerted activity, including employees’ ability to discuss terms and conditions of their employment or reporting fraud or violations of law.