Beagle dog at vet

Recorded Webinar: Clinical Applications of C-Reactive Protein in Dogs

Join Dr. Anna Hillström, DVM, Dipl ECVCP, PhD for this webinar on the clinical applications of C-reactive protein in dogs.

Equine radiograph

Recorded Webinar: Mastering the Art of Equine Dental Radiology

Using various visual aids, Jon Gieche, DVM, FAVD EQ, DAVDC EQ reviews radiology physics and rules to help ensure quality image capture and orientation to help you to master your craft.

Nu.Q Webinar

Recorded Webinar: The Nu.Q Vet Cancer Test. Accessible & Affordable Cancer Screening for Dogs

Watch as Dr. Sue Ettinger DVM, DACVIM (Oncology) covers challenges and unmet needs in the diagnosis of canine cancer, including an exciting new canine cancer screening test.

Dog on Exam table

Recorded Webinar: Canine and Feline Coagulopathies: A Case-Based Approach

This webinar will provide real-life bleeding case examples including congenital defects, rodenticide toxicity, immune-mediated disease, and more.

cat drinking water from bowl

Recorded Webinar: Updates on Feline Chronic Kidney Disease Management

Learn about treatments for this common disease of feline patients in this webinar.

Globe with stethescope

Recorded Webinar: The Role of Veterinary Medicine in One Health

Dr. Deem discusses how veterinary professionals play a role in One Health, including how you can help counteract and prevent emerging diseases like SARS-CoV-2

Girl with pets

Euthanasia Reimagined: Joining the Good Death Revolution

Learn about CAETA’s 14 Essential Components of Companion Animal Euthanasia in this 1-hr webinar.

Vet and German Shepherd

Recorded Webinar: Hemangiosarcoma: How to Predict Benign vs. Malignant Splenic Lesions & Manage Disease

Learn to recognize, diagnose, treat, and monitor cases of Hemangiosarcoma in this 1 hour webinar.

Veterinary technicians

Recorded Webinar: Opportunities in Veterinary Technology

Join Jenny Moran, CVT to hear about her journey as a certified veterinary technician, through clinical medicine and ultimately into industry.

Happy Veterinarians with Golden Retreiver

Recorded Webinar: The Great Resignation-How Veterinary Practice Leaders Can Create a Successful Tomorrow

Is your veterinary clinic feeling busier than ever, short-staffed, and struggling with staff turnover? Watch for benficial ideas for your practice.

Vet and Pet Owner talking

Recorded Webinar: Improving Efficiency and Patient Care with In-Clinic Urine and Fecal Analysis

Learn about new state of the art diagnostic tools focused on increasing clinical performance by providing a high standard of care with an expedited workflow.

White lab on IV

Recorded Webinar: Electrolyte Disturbances: General Practice and Emergency Considerations

Refresh your knowledge on how potassium concentrations impact cardiac function, the main causes of hypercalcemia, sodium and water fluid dynamics, and more.